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Glenn Beck

My father in law watches two channels on TV, well 3 actually. Fox News, channel 26 where we live, the Weather Channel, and that channel with the Deadliest Catch fishing show… Discovery I think?

Most of the time it’s Fox News, as he is constantly disgusted with the overall state of our world today. I have to say, I know he is not alone in this. I too wonder how much more the back of the American people can stand.

The Glenn Beck Show is always on the to watch list. If you are Republican or Democrat, you could most likely find something to connect with on the show. Sometimes border line crazy, the show is most certainly always entertaining.

For me, being of such a low caliper political standing, the show is sometimes over my head. I do not watch enough. I really don’t even watch the regular news all that much. Gets a little depressing sometimes, but the Glenn Beck show is always enjoying to me, and just really entertaining.

Thank you to Mr. Beck for telling like it is… or at least as I see it too!

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